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917Venture's Concati, Kodego host their first ever API Hackathon event

Concati and Kodego from 917Ventures held their first ever Application Programming Interface hackathon last August 4 to 6. Read to learn more!
917Venture's Concati, Kodego host their first ever API Hackathon event
The first Elevate: API Hackathon concluded

Concati, Kodego host Elevate: API Hackathon

KodeGo students were given the Elevate: API Hackathon challenge, which required them to develop a solution, platform, or app using Concati's API offerings. There were 15 KodeGo participants in the 48-hour hackathon, split into five teams of three. The outputs generated by the participants included social networking platforms, e-commerce, and scheduling tools.

With members Rico Estribo Guinanao, Mark Edson Rico, and Leo Jomar Reyes, Team 5 was the overall winner of Elevate. TellMe is a social networking site where users can publish confessions anonymously. While competitors were only allowed to use three or fewer APIs, the winning team was able to integrate several, including Concati's OTP Service, User Service, Consent Management, and Feedback Service. Winning teams received cash prizes.

Concati, an all-in-one API hub that was introduced in April, provides a large selection of APIs for integration into digital solutions created for Philippine clients and use cases.

There are thirteen APIs in total, including Address Service, Centralized Logistics, Consent Management, Feedback Service, Inventory Service, Leaderboard and Missions, Maintenance Service, OTP Service, Push Notifications, Referral Service, Scheduling Service, Voucher Service, and User Service.

On the other hand, KodeGo provides full-time IT courses as well as comprehensive career support and help for students. The following courses begin on August 31: UX design and full-stack web development. You can check it out here.

The newest function of Concati's website, the Insights Page, was also just introduced. Sending your name, email address, company, and position will allow you to download the "Connect with the Digital World Fast via APIs" whitepaper for free.

After signing up, Concati subscribers will receive 500 free credits, which they can use to browse the API hub and start testing right away.

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