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PLDT's 3G shutdown eyed by 2023

Telco giant PLDT Inc. is targeting to end its 3G network next year.
PLDT's 3G shutdown eyed by 2023
PLDT Group pushing for 3G shutdown

PLDT ending its 3G services?

This is according to PLDT Network head Mario Tamayo. He also stressed this will allow the group "to maximize our frequencies to other technologies that we use."

PLDT Chief Finance Officer Anabelle Chua, meanwhile, said only "less than 5% of devices use 3G."

The company has been urging its subscribers to upgrade their 2G/3G SIM cards to 4G- and 5G-ready ones to enjoy faster mobile data.

PLDT-Smart President and CEO Alfredo Panlilio also believe the Philippine market is already ready for the 3G sunsetting as only 4% of its subscribers were on 3G.

The jump to 4G is easier. The bigger challenge is bringing the 2G users to 4G, Panlilio said.

During the briefing, officials also said PLDT's core telco income in the first half of 2022 climbed 17 percent to PHP 17 billion. Consolidated service revenues also went up 5 percent to PHP 94.3 billion.

As of end-June, PLDT had already spent PHP 46 billion. It earlier earmarked PHP 85 billion capital expenditure for this year.

Source: GMA News

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