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Google: You need 2GB RAM, 16GB storage for Android 13 (Go edition)

Google raises the system requirements for Android 13 (Go edition), which is made for budget category smartphones.
Google says you need 2GB RAM, 16GB storage for Android 13!
Android 13 UI

New system requirements for Android 13 (Go edition)

As the title says, it seems the American tech giant has updated the specs needed for smartphones to keep up with the new operating system or later.
The announcement
The announcement

The announcement is made by Android Enterprise expert, Jason Bayton (via Mishaal Rahman), that OEMs are no longer permitted to preload GMS on new devices with less than 2GB RAM. Google strongly suggests that every new Android Go device have a minimum of 16GB of storage. Furthermore, existing devices won't get the update if they don't meet these requirements.

It's not surprising that Google raises the requirements for newer versions (Go edition) every now and then. 
Photo from Google
Photo from Android

In fact, From 2017-2019 smartphones must have at least 512MB RAM for Androids 8 to 10. That changed in 2020 for Android 11 which increased to 1GB RAM and then remained the same for Android 12 in 2021.

With that being said, this will be unfortunate news for users with hardware that does not qualify for Android 13.  Perhaps this also may likely be a sign for them to upgrade since not having the latest software will have risks such as security, and compatibility issues to name a few.

What do you guys think?

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