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NVIDIA RTX 6000 ADA Professional GPUs launched!

Apart from the recently announced RTX 40 series, NVIDIA also launches RTX 6000 ADA Professional GPUs.
NVIDIA RTX 6000 ADA Professional GPUs launched!
The RTX 6000 ADA

A new professional GPU by NVIDIA!

Similar to the RTX 40 series, the new RTX 6000 ADA is also designed with ADA Lovelace generation AI architecture. NVIDIA claims it is the "perfect tool" for content creation for the metaverse together with the Nvidia Omniverse Enterprise.

The new professional-grade graphics card will have increased raytracing, CUDA cores, and programmable shaders. In particular, it has 18,176 CUDA cores which are higher compared to the 16,384 of RTX 4090.

The VRAM is also twice with 48GB GDDR6EC vs RTX 4090's 24GB GDDR6X.

Apparently, this has lower TDP as it only consumes 300W. NVIDIA likely does this to prolong their pro-grade video card's peak life.
The features
The features

In terms of performance, NVIDIA says that this brings two times the power compared to the RTX A6000 workstation GPU. RTX 6000 ADA now has 568 Tensor cores and 142 RT cores unlike its predecessor with 336 Tensor cores and 84 RT cores only.

See the demo clip below:

The GPU maker also mentioned that users may expect 3x the video encoding performance, and has virtualization to support Nvidia virtual GPU software. Which will allow multiple remote users to share resources and run high-end design, AI, and high-performance computing workloads.

Finally, it also supports PCIe Gen 4 x 16, 4x DP 1.4, and will be VR-ready.

Unfortunately, NVIDIA hasn't released the official pricing for this professional graphics card but as a heads up, its predecessor already retails at USD 5,000 or PHP 289K with direct to PHP conversion.

We will update this page once we heard about the pricing and its availability.

Stay tuned.


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