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Canva's Text to Image generator now available

Canva just announced its Text to Image app's launch. It is an image-generating app that uses AI to create an original image. Read on for more!
Canva's Text to Image generator now available
Canva's Text to Image app now available to use!

Check out Canva's Text to Image app!

Text to Image gives the Canva community the ability to turn their ideas into reality by allowing them to see how their words are transformed into interesting original images. When text is entered, Text to Image generates brand-new images from scratch rather than combining already-existing ones. The days of spending hours looking through stock photos in search of anything particular or distinctive are long gone. 

Text to Image enables a wide range of people, including content producers, marketers, skilled designers, and social media managers, by unlocking creativity in a variety of ways. It's simple to create captivating assets for any profession that needs to produce content quickly in order to stand out.

Since Text to Image's Beta version was made available less than two months ago, the Canva community has created more than 6 million images and used them for a variety of useful purposes, including social media posts, presentations, business flyers, and even logos.

The Canva experience is linked with Text to Image. Users may create and edit images with Text to Image without ever leaving Canva and with no other subscriptions or tools required to support the creative workflow. Text To Image can be used to complete projects at every stage, from conceptualizing basic ideas to developing new assets for any design, altering them, and finally sharing them with the world.

The built-in features of Canva, such as the photo editor, animation options, eye-catching captions, image cropping, and flipping tools, Magic Resize, as well as frames, stickers, vectors, icons, and illustrations, make it easy to enhance new photos.

Text to Image can also produce artwork in a variety of media, including images, illustrations, paintings, 3D models, patterns, and concept art. Use the painting style to imitate textured brushstrokes, or use the 3D style to create a lifelike portrayal for a futuristic party invitation. Try the "Surprise Me" tool if you're unsure of the look you want to go for.

You can check it out at this link.

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