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Deal: EcoFlow offers up to 70 percent on select items during 11.11 Lazada sale!

In the typhoon-laden landscape of the Philippines, EcoFlow is vying to be the first option as a backup power station during outages.
Deal: EcoFlow offers up to 70 percent on select items during 11.11 Lazada sale!
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EcoFlow 11.11 Lazada deals!

Up to 70 percent of during the 11.11 Lazada Mega Sale!
Up to 70 percent off during the 11.11 Lazada Mega Sale!

The portable power station EcoFlow provides energy during most emergencies, including storms and others. EcoFlow, a company founded in 2017, draws on its founders' experience designing lightweight, powerful drone batteries to provide durable energy storage devices.

The Delta series of power generators from EcoFlow provide a substantial amount of clean, quiet, and renewable power for use at work, during the day, and as backup power for the house.

The Delta Max is a dependable and secure power source for anyone on the go. It was created to address the growing demand for mobile, remote, and off-the-grid living. In addition to charging three times as quickly as comparable batteries, users can combine the device with any of the charging options, including AC wall charging, solar power, and smart generators, for even quicker charging. The fridge and dryer, which each need 3400W of power, are likewise easily handled by Delta Max.

Additionally, it has an integrated unified battery management system (BMS) that combines all batteries into a single system to monitor temperature, voltage, current, and short circuits for improved convenience and efficiency. The Delta Max is portable and has a reasonable weight of less than 30kg. It also has a storage pocket for cables for ease of handling.

For up to 6 days of emergency use at home, the Delta Pro can keep you powered. With the addition of solar panels for charging or a smart meter, Delta Pro may manage up to 14 devices or appliances at once, including refrigerators, window air conditioners, and space heaters.

Delta Pro charges in less than 2 hours thanks to 6000W X-stream and a variety of charging techniques. Because its base battery is extendable, you may personalize it by adding more batteries or a smart generator to increase power, or you can use the EcoFlow mobile app to manage the energy flow to your devices.

It is also touted as the first portable home battery in the world with an expanding ecosystem. It can be increased to 7200Whr and can easily charge extra batteries are solar panels, AC outlets, EV charging stations, and smart generators.

You can charge your EcoFlow Delta Pro at several Level 2 AC EV charging stations around the world with the help of the EV X-Stream Adapter that is part of the EcoFlow Ecosystem. The Delta Pro can be fully charged in 1.8 hours, which is quicker than most power banks, much alone power stations.

Thanks to their use of cutting-edge technological patents like "X-Boost" and "X-Stream," which enable recharge rates that are 10 times faster than those of the majority of portable power stations on the market, EcoFlow runs large output appliances with ease. The devices' BMSs (Battery Management Systems) meticulously monitor voltage, current, and temperature in real time while employing sophisticated algorithms to condition the battery for peak performance.

In an effort to truly be a sustainable and environmentally friendly product, EcoFlow includes 110W, 160W, 220W, 400W, and more solar panels made of efficient monocrystalline silicon cells that recharge the portable power stations themselves. Solar energy generated by solar panels would be a perfect replacement, especially in light of the recent dramatic increases in the price of gas and oil.

Price and availability

EcoFlow Delta 1800W - PHP 109,790 (PHP 55,790 sale price)
EcoFlow Delta Max 2400W - PHP 184,900 (PHP 99,890 sale price)
EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600W - PHP 299,990 (PHP 210,990 sale price)

The EcoFlow Delta series is available via the brand's official Lazada store. It also offers up to 70 percent during the platform's 11.11 Mega Sale.

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