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Globe and MetaverseGo partner to bring Filipinos into the Metaverse!

At the Globe Innovation Fest, Globe Telecom and MetaverseGo sign a deal to bring metaverse experience to Filipinos.
Globe and MetaverseGo partner to bring Filipinos into the Metaverse!
Globe Innovation Fest

A win for Filipinos?

Held at the Globe Tower, one of the Globe Innovation Fest event highlights is the contract signing that seals the deal between Telecommunications provider Globe and all-in-one metaverse platform MetaverseGo. 

Globe Chief Marketing Officer, Pia Gonzalez-Colby alongside MetaverseGo CEO Ash Mandhyan announce their collaboration.

Choosing to launch in the Philippines first was a no-brainer because of Globe, said Mandhyan. Not only have they facilitated adoption of several consumer tech products that have become essential to the modern Filipino, but their continuous pursuit of innovation has built them into one of the most trusted brands in the Philippines. We’re incredibly excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible as we co-create experiences that enrich Filipinos' digital lives. 

This partnership aims to eliminate the barriers to entry experienced by Filipinos into the metaverse by providing fast and easy access thru the use of the user's Globe number.
Globe and MetaverseGo team
Globe and MetaverseGo team

How to access the metaverse via the MetaverseGo platform

1. Type this URL: https://metaversego.gg on the user's preferred web browser.
2. Tap on the 'Access the app' button. 
3. On the top left corner of the web app, tap the profile icon and then tap the "Login or Sign up button."
4. Register with the user's Globe Telecom number

Globe is proud to partner with locally-developed MetaverseGo, aligned with our vision of enriching Filipinos' lives through digital innovation. Through this pioneering partnership, we want to make it easier for Filipinos to benefit from Web3 games and guilds with simpler and easier access through the MetaverseGo application, said Pia Gonzalez-Colby, Globe's Chief Marketing Officer.

This collaboration between the two brands aims to continue to make earning, purchasing, and exploring the metaverse accessible to gamers and first-time web3 users.

What do you guys think?
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