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How to watch "Maria Clara at Ibarra" online?


Are you a fan of the hit Kapuso series "Maria Clara at Ibarra?" Here's how to make sure you won't miss an episode of this series.
How to watch "Maria Clara at Ibarra" online?
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You can watch live, full eps on the GMA-7 website

To those who missed it, "Maria Clara and Ibarra" is a new historical (Isekai-like) TV series based on the novel Noli Me Tángere by José Rizal just a month ago. Aside from the applaud-worthy acting, the costumes, and the storyline, this has caught the attention of many due to its relevance in today's society.

Currently, GMA-7 only uploads clips and shorts from episodes of the show on its YouTube channel.

It also live-streams its Primetime shows on YouTube, but avid watchers of the historical fantasy series based on the novels of Jose Rizal will have to experience quite a hassle.

Previously, you can easily watch the episodes on YouTube.

But now, once you open GMA-7's YouTube Livestream, a link is provided for you to watch the latest episode of "Maria Clara and Ibarra" directly on the network’s official website.

Anyway, here is a step-by-step guide to access it:

Search for "Kapuso Stream"
Search for "Kapuso Stream"

1. Search for "Kapuso Stream" on YouTube
2. Select the stream for the Primetime shows
3. Tap the stream link which is PINNED on the LIVE CHAT
The comments

4. You can also watch the latest episode of "Maria Clara and Ibarra" on the GMA-7 website. You can also directly head to https://www.gmanetwork.com/entertainment/tv/kapuso_stream through your gadget’s browser.
Kapuso Stream
Kapuso Stream

Note 1: If you are using a Smart TV, you may have to activate the comments first. You can do this by logging in to your YouTube account, clicking on your profile, and selecting the YouTube Studio option. Then choose Videos > Comments > Ratings. After that, there will be a dropdown menu where you can activate or deactivate the comments.

That's too much work just to watch an episode on your Smart TV.

The easier ways...

Full episodes are also uploaded on the website. Just check out https://www.gmanetwork.com/fullepisodes/home/maria_clara_at_ibarra.

Note 2: If you are on a mobile or tablet, you may also download the GMA Network app and simply search for the said show.

Hope this guide helps.

We also hope to see the series on a proper streaming platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video to watch the episodes easier.

Do you also watch this series?

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