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Razer announces Restorify traceable carbon neutral checkout solution

Consumers can now offset their purchases with traceable carbon credits via Razer's Restorify program. It helps companies trace their carbon footprint.
Razer announces Restorify traceable carbon neutral checkout solution
Razer announces Restorify program to help in carbon footprint tracing!

What is Razer's Restorify carbon footprint tracing program?

Restorify can give consumers carbon credits that can be used for purchases
Restorify can give consumers carbon credits that can be used for purchases

One of the effective strategies to reduce atmospheric carbon emissions has the potential to be carbon offsetting. However, the metric tons used to measure carbon credits are often not easily divisible. Such a scale makes it difficult to dispose of carbon credits to offset regular purchases. Through Restorify, Razer is tackling these issues and others, and it aims to provide assistance. If the world wants to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, it must reach USD 147 per tonne by 2030, according to the OECD.

The main objectives of Restorify are to encourage greater accountability and transparency in the carbon market, to make it simpler for companies to offset their emissions, and to enable consumers to participate in the solution.

In its decarbonization efforts, Razer has focused on recycling and emissions reduction in its quest to become net zero by 2030. The company has embraced "Life Cycle Thinking," which means it adheres to best practices to reduce emissions throughout the critical stages of the lifecycles of its goods, from the sourcing of minerals to manufacture, shipping, and end-of-life.

In order to make carbon credits available in smaller denominations and enable customers to incorporate offsets into their daily life, Restorify fractionalizes them throughout the reimbursement process. By restricting customer use to just traceable offsets with actual decarbonization impacts, Restorify hopes to restore consumer confidence in carbon offsets. In other words, consumers can rest easy knowing that emissions related to their purchases have already been offset with Restorify, in contrast to some competitors who make similar promises.

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals are the focus of a growing portfolio of carbon credit projects that Razer has begun to assemble. To do this, Razer is collaborating closely with partners like Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing platform, and ESGpedia, which can aggregate the end-to-end traceable data of high-quality carbon credits from origination to retirement, as well as GoNetZero, a leading provider of energy and urban solutions.

Customers will be able to view a product's carbon footprint through Restorify's traceable carbon-neutral shopping cart, enabling them to make informed decisions. Additionally, they will have the ability to use carbon credits that have been retired from verified carbon registries to offset the products they purchase as they complete their purchases. Consumers who purchase carbon credits will get a certificate that lists the overall quantity of carbon emissions that have been reduced as a result of their purchase, the type of project the retired credits financed, the nation it was done in, and the certification standard. 

Consumers can trace their carbon offset efforts on the ESGpedia register where these unique fractionalized transactions are digitally recorded. In the consumer carbon offset market today, this level of transparency is still lacking.

In conclusion, Razer hopes to use Restorify to increase the openness and accountability of the carbon market. While there are carbon-neutral shopping carts, Restorify's approach makes sure that every carbon credit utilized is tracked so that customers can see exactly where their money went. By enabling consumers to offset their purchases, Restorify enables them to take meaningful climate action. It will also assist businesses in reducing their carbon footprints, ensuring that the planet is still a playable arena for all.

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