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Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV aims to amp up your home theater setup

Samsung's Neo QLED 8K TV aims to elevate your viewing experience at home. It has bleeding-edge features and technology that can amp up your home.
Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV aims to amp up your home theater setup
Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV will bring your home theater to the next level

Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV offers a bleeding-edge experience for Filipinos

It has Eye Comfort mode among other features!
It has Eye Comfort mode among other features!

With its state-of-the-art Quantum Matrix Pro Technology and 8K resolution picture quality, Samsung's Neo QLED raises the bar for watching television. The Neo QLED TV offers one of the best viewing experiences for indulging in your favorite content with lifelike details thanks to its almost extremely slim bezel and Infinity Screen.

The Samsung Neo QLED TV, designed for individuals who appreciate the "finer things" in life, will captivate you with its attention to detail both on and off-screen. With its seamless metal construction and end-to-end screen, the TV becomes a stylish centerpiece in your home. You'll enjoy its precise colors and contrast once you turn it on. Your movie-binging nights will never be the same because of the TV's capacity to display up to a billion different colors of color.

The Samsung Neo QLED TV's high-performance 8K processors will seamlessly enhance any content to close to 8K quality. As more 8K content and games are released annually, this is another way to invest in and future-proof your home entertainment system so that you can enjoy it for a longer period of time.

It also has an anti-reflection technology to make sure glares are minimized and Eye Comfort mode to reduce blue light emission to avoid straining your eyes.
It has Dolby Atmos too!
It has Dolby Atmos too!

The Neo QLED TV's audio is designed with Dolby Atmos for a full cinematic experience. Whether you're watching TV alone, going to the movies with your family, or just playing video games with pals, make every viewing feel like you're in a theater. The 3D surround sound of the Neo QLED TV will undoubtedly provide an amazing entertainment experience. For the ideal home entertainment setup, combine it with Samsung's best-selling Q-Soundbar.

Price and availability

65-inch Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV - PHP 197,399

You can check out this link for more information and learn how to order. 

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