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Twitter employees start to leave after Musk's push for "extremely hardcore" workplace

Twitter might be in shambles after reports of several resignations surface. This comes after Musk's ultimatum to adhere to a more "hardcore" workload.
Twitter employees start to leave after Musk's push for "extremely hardcore" workplace
Elon Musk wants hardcore employees only!

Twitter employees decline commitment to Musk's "long hours, high intensity" vision

Amidst Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter, hundreds of its employees are reportedly leaving the company following the owner's ultimatum for workers to commit to longer hours and a more hardcore workload Those who fail to respond to the company-wide email or say no would be considered to have quit and will be issued a severance package.

Via a poll on the workplace app Blind, 42 percent of the 180 respondents chose the "Taking exit option, I'm free" answer, 25 percent chose to reluctantly stay, and 7 percent says "Clicked yes to stay, I'm hardcore". Blind verifies the validity of each respondent's answer by checking their work emails. Answers are still posted anonymously though.

Reports also surfaced about Musk holding meetings to convince Twitter's top brass to stay. It is expected that more than 50 percent of Twitter's employees will leave the company. Twitter also reportedly closed its offices and disabled badge access from Thursday evening until Monday.

Downdetector also reported a rise in Twitter outages during this debacle starting Thursday evening. According to one Twitter employee that left, if the social media platform goes down, there will be no one to fix it. This seems to indicate that the company's top engineers and debuggers already left.

Twitter was flooded with tweets from employees announcing their departure from the company. Blue hearts and salute emojis also trended due to this. Tess Rinearson, the cryptocurrency team head at Twitter, tweeted a Blue heart and salute emojis to mark her signing off.

Ex-Twitter employees also took a jab at Musk's demand for a more hardcore workplace environment by changing their bios to include the designations of "softcore engineer" or "ex-hardcore engineers". Cheeky but funny indeed.

Is this the start of the end of Twitter?

What do you guys think?

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