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5 Lenovo tablets for your loved ones this 12.12 Christmas sale!

Still thinking of a Christmas gift for your loved ones? These Lenovo tablets may be your answer. Here are 5 devices for different types of people!
5 Lenovo tablets for your loved ones this 12.12 Christmas sale!
Lenovo 12.12 Tablet Gift Ideas

5 Lenovo tablets for your loved ones this Christmas!

First up, we have the Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 for PHP 16,995. This tablet is perfect for the ultimate Hallyu-loving sibling. This tablet will become their new best friend as she binge-watches the most recent episodes of her favorite Korean drama or sings along to the latest song by one of her idols.

The Yoga Tab 11 is adaptable and loaded with features for the best entertainment experience. It also has different modes or orientations that can be used for any activity. Users can hold, stand, tilt, and even hang the tablet thanks to its sleek design and built-in kickstand, depending on how or where they're viewing or creating content. When you bond over the upcoming online concert or K-drama marathon, its quad JBL speakers optimized for Dolby Atmos will undoubtedly be the icing on the cake.

For someone who needs a tablet for work during the day and gaming at night, the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro, for PHP 24,995, is the choice. A balance of work and play is possible because of the performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G Octa-Core CPU that increases productivity and entertainment options.

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro's immersive 11.5-inch QHD OLED display with Dolby Vision and HDR10 for crisp images and true-to-life colors will transform brainstorming sessions and game nights alike.

For PHP 13,995, the Lenovo Tab P11 Plus is perfect for those who love to follow trends on TikTok or watch Netflix shows. They can watch hours of lag-free HD content on the Lenovo Tab P11 Plus thanks to its immersive 85 percent screen-to-display ratio, 2K resolution display, and quad Dolby Atmos speakers. Throughout the holiday season and beyond, count on the family group chat to be subjected to countless links to videos and suggestions for reality shows.

For youngins that deserve a reward for a job well done at school, the Lenovo Tab M10 (3rd Gen) for PHP 9,995 is a great choice for a starter tablet. With its octa-core processor and up to 10 hours of battery life, the tablet is more than capable of handling a full day of classes. Kids can also take advantage of the integrated Google Kids Space, which is crammed with thousands of books, videos, and apps that have been approved by teachers.

Lastly, the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd gen) for PHP 10,995 is a great choice for your book-loving loved one. It has a 10.61-inch 2K-resolution IPS display supported by the latest TÜV Eye Care technology, as well as a dedicated reading mode so bookworms can have an enjoyable experience every time they pick up this device. 

For the most comfortable reading experience, its reading mode offers an adjustable, paper-like color matrix, and if users prefer to jot down their thoughts, the Lenovo Precision Pen 2 is an optional accessory that will enable natural handwriting.

Price and availability

Lenovo Tab M10 (3rd Gen) - PHP 9,995
Lenovo Tab M10 Plus - PHP 10,995
Lenovo Tab P11 Plus - PHP 13,995
Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 - PHP 16,995
Lenovo Tab P11 Pro - PHP 24,995

You can get these Lenovo tablets at the brand's official Lazada store and authorized resellers offline. You may even get these discounted or with freebies during the 12.12 Christmas sale!

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