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Pokémon to move on without Ash and Pikachu!

The Pokémon Company is going to move forward on its next series with different protagonists.
Pokemon to moveon without Ash and his Pikachu!
Ash is shown running in the trailer

The end of the journey for Ash and Pikachu!

This will be the first time in two decades and a half that the anime's storyline won't include our childhood favorites—Ash and Pikachu, as announced by the Anime maker.

We're not surprised though as the dynamic duo has finally achieved their dream of becoming world champions in the story after defeating every trainer in the Pokemon World Coronation Series Masters Eight tournament. There are only two options in it either Ash will continue to another journey or the end. Apparently so we won't be seeing him anymore.
The new protagonists
The new protagonists

To move forward, the upcoming series in 2023 will feature new dual main characters known as Liko and Roy (Japanese version) together with their Paldea PokemonsSprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly who will embark on a new adventure in the Pokemon world. See the trailer below.

However, before the new series begins we will see Ash and Pikachu together with their notable friends Misty, Brock, Dawn, Serena, and Pokemons like Charizard Greninja, and Lucario on a special episode. 
Special episode announcement
Special episode announcement

While it is unknown what will happen to it. Fans expect that it's going to be a "tribute or farewell" episode for the two.

What do you guys think?

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