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eufy promises that the new Homebase 3 is more secure, updates Security app

To further provide "better" home security to its customers and establish its brand as a key player in the IP security industry, eufy launched the Homebase 3. The company also improved the security of its app.
eufy promises that the new Homebase 3 is more secure, updates Security app
Eufy Homebase 3

eufy promises that it is committed to security, privacy

Anker's Innovation's smart home security brand said that the Homebase 3 is a base station that serves as the powerhouse of local storage and smart functions.

The device promises that its users will have full control of their home security devices and store video footage within the privacy of their own homes. It can be used to store data, analyze it, and even provide advice to ensure data is always for the residents.

eufy also said that it has updated its Security app to provide more protection for your home. It added a layer of local device-side encryption to the thumbnail images and server-side encryption. There is also a detailed explanation of the use of the cloud and an update allowing users to make a more informed decision on how they wish to receive push notifications.

The statement comes amid the camera security controversy that the company is facing where customers reported several security flaws in its camera system.

At the moment, eufy is the number 5 smart home security brand in the US, number 3 in Europe, and number 1 in Australia. The company stressed that customers' safety is a priority above all else.

Anyway, the Homebase 3 is not yet listed on its official local website. But, you can check a wide range of eufy devices like vacuums, security cameras, doorbells, and other smart devices there.

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