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Globe is currently optimizing its SIM registration portal!

With the mandatory SIM card registration finally starting today, Globe telecom is currently optimizing its portal for a better customer experience.
Globe is currently optimizing its SIM registration portal!
Globe's announcement

Globe is optimizing the SIM Registration portal!

The telecom announced they officially started the SIM Registration portal in compliance with the new law however they had to briefly block access to the site as they need to improve the overall registration experience for all users.

During the hours of 4 AM to 7 AM, only a handful was able to register at the portal but the portal temporarily went down as the website is being fixed. Globe on the other hand assures its customers that the online service will be back before the day ends.

We would like to thank our customers for going in to register early. Technical teams are working double time so the online platform can go live before the day ends. Rest assured that we are optimizing our systems to give you a better registration experience. We’d also like to remind our customers that there is enough time to register, said Yoly Crisanto, Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications of the Globe Group

The telco continued that all users from Prepaid, TM, Globe At Home WiFi, Globe Mobile WiFi, and Globe Business prepaid customers may register until April 26, 2023, only.

Users may head to the Globe One app to register which will begin on January 2023. Globe also prepared offline site registration for customers who are having trouble using the online process, use basic or feature phones, or those without internet access but it will start on February 2023.

Globe has been prepared for the SIM Registration Law's implementation but had to recalibrate its system in just 15 days due to the announcement of new recommendations under the implementing rules and regulations (IRR), as well as the selfie validation phase. The IRR was made public on December 12, 2022.

We ask our customers for their understanding as we experience these birth pains given this massive deployment of software. We're setting the stage for our customers to have a good digital experience, Crisanto said.

In the meantime, the Globe registration platform already includes the data and info of existing Globe Postpaid, Globe Platinum, and Globe Business postpaid clients. Globe says they will get in touch with these users to ensure and finish their registration details so that their clients can comply with the requirements of the said law.
To recall, the government is doing this to make a significant step in fighting the fraudsters who take advantage of anonymous SIM cards for unlawful operations. Customers may also benefit additional level of security safety as a result.

Moreover, the law also strengthens the efforts of Globe or other telcos in battling fraud, including its investments in filtering systems, continuous blocking of scam and spam SMS, and collaboration with banks and other financial institutions to share information.

What do you guys think? Have you registered yet?

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