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Breaking: Bongbong signs SIM Card Registration Act into law!

As expectedPresident Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. today October 10, 2022, signed the SIM Card Registration Act into law.
A new law!

SIM Card Registration is now a law in the Philippines!

The new law (RA 11934) will promote accountability in the use of SIM cards and track perpetrators of crimes committed through mobile phones.

This is a consolidation of bills from the House of Representatives (House Bill No. 14) and the Senate (Senate Bill No. 1310).

Under the new law, citizens will now require SIM card users to present a valid identification document with a photo to all public telecommunications entities (PTEs) or direct sellers for the purpose of registration.

In short, RA 11934 requires SIM card sellers to ask for a valid identification document first before selling.
Bongbong signs the law
Bongbong signs the law

According to the palace, the information that will be acquired through the said registration will be treated as confidential unless users authorize access.

Telco companies will be directed to disclose the full name and address of the SIM card users upon a duly issued subpoena or court order.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies conducting probes on crimes committed through mobile phones may submit a written report to the said firms for access to information on SIM card registration.

To recap, the National Privacy Commission has expressed its support for the measure "to prevent the proliferation of various and evolving electronic communication-aided criminal activities."

On the other hand, local telco giants Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, have also expressed support for the law.

Source: RTVM
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