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OnePlus to bring up to 4 OS updates for their select 2023 phones

OnePlus is promising up to 4 major OS updates on "some" of their upcoming devices for the year 2023.
File photo: OnePlus 10T review
File photo: OnePlus 10T review

OnePlus commits up to 4 OS version updates next year!

The Chinese phone maker revealed its new pledge during the roundtable discussion in London. However, they didn't mention the specific model of smartphones to get the new updates.

Rumor says that future flagships of the brand such as the OnePlus 11 should be one of the first handsets to benefit from the new extended support. On the other hand, anything below the OnePlus 10 series isn't included.

OnePlus and OPPO's Operating System Product Head, Gary Chen, continued that security upgrades will be released bimonthly.

This program is an improvement from OnePlus, if you remember OnePlus 8 and up gets up to three OS updates and four years of security patches. While their N series gets only a single update, older gens like the 7 series and current Nord devices only get 2 OS  upgrades and 3 years of security patches.

Just to let you know, Samsung is the only Android OEM to give up to four updates for its flagship lineup while Nokia is also consistent in providing updates for their phones as well.

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