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#ICYMI: OnePlus celebrates 9th anniversary with launch of co-creation platform!

"OnePlus Feature" is a co-creation platform launched by the company to commemorate its 9th year anniversary. Collaboration is key for OnePlus!
#ICYMI: OnePlus celebrates 9th anniversary with launch of co-creation platform!
OnePlus is celebrating its 9th year in the industry!

OnePlus Featuring announced to celebrate its 9th anniversary!

OnePlus Featuring Co-Creation platform

OnePlus' global market growth continues, with the company outperforming in Asia Pacific and India, with 43.8 percent and 104.6 percent YoY growth in the first 3 quarters of 2022, respectively. OnePlus also ranks number one in the budget premium 5G smartphone market and overall affordable premium smartphone category in India in Q3 2022.

OnePlus started a co-creation program dubbed "Power of Community" in May 2021 to better engage with its users and harness collective innovation. The project has conceived several high-quality product concepts through its close-knit community since its inception.

In case you missed it, the company introduces the OnePlus Featuring platform to push co-creation to the next level. Co-creation, one of OnePlus' fundamental cultures, will be embraced and evolved by introducing 3rd parity, which shares the same ambition as OnePlus. The OnePlus Featuring platform will launch market-ready co-created items.

OnePlus launched many rounds of voting among its consumers earlier this year to determine which new model to produce next. According to the poll results, OnePlus will soon introduce its first mechanical and configurable keyboard. 

It will be developed in collaboration with established mechanical keyboard manufacturer Keychron to provide a better experience. It is the first time OnePlus has invited an industry partner to participate in its community co-creation process, and the product will be available worldwide.

More information about the mechanical keyboard will be released early next year. We will update you as soon as we get more information.

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