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Riot Games sues NetEase for releasing alleged VALORANT clone

Riot Games filed a lawsuit against NetEase for releasing "Hyper Front", an alleged clone of the former's popular FPS shooter, "VALORANT".
Riot Games sues NetEase for releasing alleged VALORANT clone
VALORANT meets its unwanted twin with NetEase's Hyper Front

Riot Games fights NetEase in court for VALORANT clone!

UI elements, Map layouts, even color schemes are eerily similar
UI elements, Map layouts, and even color schemes are eerily similar

"Hyper Front" in essence has the same matching and gameplay format as VALORANT. NetEase also put similar character designs, game maps, weapon designs, and mechanics. Riot Games already brought its lawsuit to the high court of England and Wales. Riot is also sending official complaints in Germany, Brazil, and Singapore.

Hyper Front is a free-to-play 5V5 first-person shooter with a variety of game modes. Riot Games pointed out that Hyper Front when it announced the early development of VALORANT under the monicker "Project A" in October 2019. NetEase then released a beta version of Hyper Front under the code name "Project M".

User reports prompted by the release of Hyper Front in Singapore spiked because users saw it and immediately noticed that it was almost a 1:1 copy of VALORANT. As reports and comments about the obvious similarities between the two games, NetEase made some changes with Hyper Front. Riot Games says that even after the modifications, the level of copyright infringement is still very high.

Hyper Front is currently available on Android and iOS and has more than 1 million downloads with 48K reviews on the Google Play Store. NetEase is notorious for alleged copyright infringements. In fact, it is currently under scrutiny after PUBG Corp. disputed two of NetEase mobile games.

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Source: Law360 (Paid) Via: Engadget

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