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SIM card registration starts December 27. Here’s what you should know:


The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) released on Monday the implementing rules and regulations for the SIM Card Registration Act.
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Register SIM cards beginning December 27

According to Memorandum Circular No. 001-12-2022, it will take effect 15 days after its publication, which will be on December 27. This covers all SIMs, including embedded SIMs, and other variations/technologies which are provisioned by any Public Telecommunications Entity (PTE) to provide SMS, voice, and/or data services.


Generally, all existing subscribers shall register their SIM cards within 180 days after the effectivity of the law. This may be extended up to 120 days.

Failure to comply will lead to the deactivation of one’s SIM.

However, a deactivated SIM may still be reactivated after registration is completed. However, reactivation should be made not later than five days after such automatic deactivation.

NOTE that all new SIMs to be sold or issued by PTEs will be in a "deactivated state" until it is registered by a subscriber.

An electronic registration form will be provided by the PTEs to their subscribers. This will collect the following information:

Guidelines from NTC 1
Guidelines from NTC 1

Registration will also require the presentation of a valid government-issued identification ID.
Guidelines from NTC 2
Guidelines from NTC 2
Guidelines from NTC 3
Guidelines from NTC 3

A subscriber’s mobile number and SIM serial number will also be submitted.

For those in remote areas with limited telecommunication or internet access, agencies like the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), NTC, Department of the Interior and Local Government, and the Department of Education, together with the concerned PTEs shall facilitate the registration.

As for postpaid subscribers, they should confirm the information they provided to their respective PTEs through the registration platform.

PTEs shall maintain their own database containing the information collected.

Meanwhile, SIMs of foreign nationals visiting as tourists shall only be valid for 30 days, which may be extended only upon presentation or submission of an approved visa extension.

Foreigners with other types of visas can acquire SIMs without the 30-day limit, which should be registered to the respective PTE.

Some of the other points to remember:


  • Subscribers should immediately report to PTEs:
  • Any change in the information submitted during the registration
  • Lost or stolen SIM. The following should be provided:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Date of birth
  4. Mobile subscriber number
  5. Other information as may be required by PTE

  • In case of death of end-user, immediate family or relatives shall immediately report such to PTE.
  • Undertake not to sell or transfer registered SIMs without complying with the registration requirements under the law.


  • Effect any change in information of subscriber within 2 hours from receipt of request.
  • Deactivate SIM within 24 hours from receipt of information on the death of end-user, loss or stolen SIM, or request for deactivation.
  • Deactivate temporarily or permanently SIM used for fraudulent text or call upon investigation.
  • Retain for 10 years from date of deactivation information of deactivated SIM.
  • Ensure data are secured, encrypted, and protected at all times.
  • Report to DICT within 24 hours the detection, any incident of cyberattack. In case personal data breach occurs, PTEs shall comply with the notifications and other reportorial requirements pursuant to relevant laws.
  • Allow DICT to conduct an annual audit on their compliance with information security standards.
  • Submit an annual report to the NTC, DICT, and the Houses of Congress about the implementation of the law.


The following shall be imposed for violation of any provision of the law:

  • Imprisonment from six months to two years, or a fine not less than PHP 100,000 but not more than PHP 300,000, or both to anyone who provides false or fictitious information or who uses fictitious identity or fraudulent identification documents.
  • Imprisonment from six months to six years or a fine of PHP 100,000 to PHP 300,000, or both for sale or transfer of registered SIM without complying with the required registration.
  • Imprisonment of no less than six years, or a fine of PHP 200,000, or both for spoofing a registered SIM.

For PTEs who fail or refuse to register a SIM without valid reason despite compliance of end-user:

  • First offense: A fine not less than PHP 100,000 but not more than PHP 300,000
  • Second offense: A fine not less than PHP 300,000 but not more than PHP 500,000
  • Third and subsequent offenses: A fine not less than PHP 500,000 but not more than PHP 1 million
  • Imprisonment of six months to two years, or a fine not less than PHP 100,000 but not more than PHP 300,000, or both for selling a stolen SIM.
  • A fine not less than PHP 500,000 but not more than PHP 4 million shall be imposed on the PTE, its agents, or employees if there will be breach of confidentiality.

Do you think this will be effective and enough to fight text scams?

Source: NTC

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