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Google rolls out Fingerprint unlock and PIN to Chrome for Android's Incognito mode!

Google brings the fingerprint to unlock and PIN features as added protection for your incognito sessions.
Google rolls out Fingerprint unlock and PIN to Chrome for Android's Incognito mode!
A screencap from the web browser

Google rolls out Fingerprint unlock to Chrome's Incognito!

The update is in line with the Data Privacy Day or Data Protection Day event that is being honored in the world right now as a move to raise awareness about protecting your data.

With that, the tech giant share "Five tips to keep users safe online using Chrome".

The main highlight would be the ability to lock your Chrome Incognito mode on Android. This was an experimental feature before but now a wide release has been made allowing users to have a new and simple way of protecting their web sessions.

While it looks like a small update, other users may find it important that there's now a way to safeguard their online activities.

9to5Google was able to find the update and got the native feature on their devices. We tried it on our devices too though, but it is still not there yet.

If you want to check the feature just head to Chrome Settings, Privacy and Security, then press the Lock Incognito key when leaving Chrome. 
How to force the toggle
How to force the toggle

There's also a way to force the option if you can't see the toggle by typing this URL: chrome://flags/#incognito-reauthentication-for-android into your Chrome's search bar.

From there just select enable and then a prompt to restart the app will pop up. Once you relaunched the web browser, your device is now supported with the security feature.

What do you guys think?

Sources: Google, Via: 9to5google

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