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LinkedIn shares the fastest growing jobs in the Philippines!

LinkedIn a professional social media platform has listed down the fastest-growing jobs in the country.
LinkedIn shares the fastest growing jobs in the Philippines!
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LinkedIn shares Jobs on the Rise in PH!

According to the platform, the Job landscape has been rapidly shifting from the increase in hiring based on skills to the demand for hybrid work setup. And if you're a professional in the Philippines, the firm continued that it's better to know which are the trendy jobs so you can plan ahead whether you are making a career shift, getting back on track, or investing in skills that will be usable in the future.

Below are the top 15 fastest-growing job titles in PH as listed by LinkedIn:

1. Clinical Research Associate
2. Business Development Representative
3. Insights Analyst
4. Delivery Specialist
5. Anti-Money Laundering Analyst
6. Media Analyst 
7. Customer Success Specialist
8. Virtual Medical Assistant
9. Salesforce Consultant
10. Data Engineer 
11. Security Operations Center Analyst 
12. DevOps Engineer 
13. Product Owner
14. Cloud Engineer
15. Tax Associate 

You may click the link above for the full data percentage of LinkedIn.

So if you are eyeing one of these jobs or simply have something in your mind that is suited for you. They also shared some tips so you'll get a higher chance of getting recruited.

  • Create a standout profile - Be sure your LinkedIn profile is updated so you can stand out to recruiters. Members with a profile photo have 21x more views and up to 9x more connection requests versus members who don’t. Be sure to include a summary of your background and highlight your key skills. By turning on the "Open to Work" in your profile, recruiters and your peers can know you’re actively seeking.
  • Look for in-demand roles - The platform's data shows that roles in areas such as medical, technology, and those that help drive business growth are among the fastest-growing jobs. When considering a job shift, it's important that you choose the next industry carefully.
  • Stay on top of the latest updates - The Job market is competitive and shifting, and you'll need updated information to gain an advantage. And by reading LinkedIn’s Get Hired newsletter, shows timely job search tips and lets you see which companies are currently hiring and the Top Voices to follow to stay informed.
  • Get interview ready - Before submitting that application, think carefully about why it is the one for you. Plan ahead how to demonstrate your credentials and know your edge why should they hire you over someone else? The platform also recommends reading their interview prep, so you can prepare better.
  • Invest in yourself - Online courses are another way of learning new skills or reviewing old ones. For job seekers, it's essential to know which are in demand, which of them you can teach, and what new skills you need to discover. Over a percent of firms in the globe looks at skills to hunt candidates. So make a top 5 list of the most relevant skills for the job you're aiming for, learn them, and add them to your profile. LinkedIn Learning has over 18,000 courses available for anyone looking to upskill, including free access to Build a Career You Love No Matter the Market, A Career Strategist's Guide to Getting a Job, Mel Robbins on Confidence, and A Bold New Approach to Goal Setting with Michael Bungay Stanier to help job seekers.

Apart from those, LinkedIn also is unlocking free learning courses such as Recession Proof Career Strategies to support aspiring applicants in their next career move.

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