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Netflix says "Goodbye password sharing" in March!

Netflix says you can no longer share accounts for free two months from now.
Netflix says, Goodbye password sharing on March!
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No more password sharing in March!

The announcement was made through Netflix's letter to its shareholders saying that the password sharing will end on March 2023.

To recall, Netflix already said they would be charging extra fees for those who will be sharing their accounts with family members or friends. And based on the streaming service's statement, they would start the paid sharing system before the Q1 of 2023 ends.

The platform continued that there are about 100 million households that benefit from the account sharing paid by other people and that it "undermines the company's long-term ability to invest in and improve their services".

Previously, Netflix also tried the extra fees in Latin American regions such as Chile and Peru where the members are paying USD 2 or 3 (around PHP 100-160) for those people living outside the given household.

While the streaming service recognizes that this move might discourage current users from continuing their subscriptions, Netflix promises that it will only be for a while and that over time the engagement will grow as they continue to deliver quality shows.

Lastly, Netflix is also planning to roll out "Profile Transfer" so those who use their platform without paying can easily transfer their accounts.

What do you guys think?

Sources: Netflix, Via: KBTX

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