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Netflix will start charging extra for password sharing in early 2023!

Netflix will end FREE password sharing in early 2023. You can still share passwords with other people but with an extra fee on top of your monthly bill.
Netflix will start charging extra for password sharing in early 2023!
Netflix will charge extra for password sharing soon!

Want to share your Netflix password? Pay extra!

Netflix stated that it lost 200,000 members in the first quarter of 2022 and that it will eventually charge USD 100 million in total for shared accounts back in April 2022. By 2023, Netflix intends to make money off of 100 million families sharing passwords.

Starting in 2023, Netflix will levy a little price on users who exchange passwords. It was first tested earlier this year as a USD 3 add-on in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. However, it's feasible that Netflix will simply need users to create a second account in order to receive a marginally reduced membership.

The initiative is part of Netflix's response to sluggish growth, particularly in the US market. It's a stark difference for a company that previously stated, "Love is sharing a password." After years of disagreement, Netflix has also modified its policy on including adverts in its service.

In the Latin American countries where the change is currently being tested, Netflix does not forbid users from exchanging passwords. They must instead enter a verification code that was sent through SMS or email to the primary account holder.

Although the add-on cost would enable Netflix to make more money from password sharing, it might also lead some users to cancel their subscriptions. The streaming giant has reportedly investigated a number of challenging scenarios that can irritate customers and result in subscriber loss.

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