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vivo promotes its products and shares a list of New Year's resolution for 2023!

vivo shares a list of New Year resolutions alongside promoting some of their smartphone products.
vivo promotes its products and shares a list of New Year's resolution for 2023!
The brand's entry-level devices

vivo's New Year recommendations!

There's no other way to start 2023 than by adding new goals to achieve such as discovering skills, getting a healthy lifestyle, or simply doing better. 

Below is the list of goals shared by vivo that you might want to consider:

Learn something new and practical The brand says life is a learning experience and that we as human beings must always find ways to innovate ourselves may it be through learning new skills such as computer programming, a hobby like a musical instrument, or practical knowledge such as learning a new language.

They also said that having a device such as the vivo Y35 that promotes productivity can be handy with its huge 6.58-inch 90Hz LCD screen, 6nm SD680, up to 16GB dynamic RAM, 256GB large storage, and while the big 5,000mAh battery can let you watch tutorials or read articles for a long time and get back within a few minutes with its 44W fast charging.

Start documenting your life - According to vivo, "don't just take photos just for the sake of it". This year, you should start capturing memorable life experiences and recording a video of them. 
The V25 series
The V25 series

Of course, you'll need a device suitable for that and the brand recommends the V25 series due to its 64MP OIS sensor that can even shoot at low light scenarios. While the 50MP AF selfie camera is ideal for your social media posts. Not to mention that these cameras feature photochromic 2.0 so you can add a style when documenting your life journeys.

Always go for healthier options - It's always right to prioritize health as it is also our wealth. This goes along with choosing the right food or diet for you. vivo says the internet is the go-to consultant for the majority nowadays and it has wide information regarding the nutritious food choices you take. 

With that, vivo recommends the Y22s as it can be a handy media companion using its 6.58-inch curved LCD panel, 6nm SD680, up to 16GB RAM, 256GB storage, and can even expand up to 1TB via an SD card.

Stay in touch with your loved ones - We should always remember the people close to us and that time is a valuable resource that we shouldn't waste however some situations can hinder us from meeting them.

But vivo says you can easily meet or hear them using the Y16 smartphone as it has a sizeable 6.51-inch display with eyecare mode while the 5MP selfie shooter should allow you to see them via video calls.

Travel more, in style - With the quarantine restrictions eases up. Traveling is a lot easier now. That also comes with planning your OOTDs and you'll need a smartphone that can complement the new fashion or styles for this year.

The phone maker recommends the vivo Y02, it is lightweight and comes with a shiny and attractive rear design and should add glam and style to your get-up. According to vivo, this phone's appearance can easily capture anyone's attention where ever you at.

You may get these devices at any kiosks nationwide as well as via online stores such as Shopee, and Lazada. You may also want to catch the ongoing La vivo Loca promos which are until the end of the month only.

What do you guys think?

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