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Instagram founders introduce new app Artifact

Years after they left Instagram, its founders are coming back with their new app Artifact.
File photo: Artifact logo

Artifact, a news-based social app

According to CNN, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger on Tuesday announced the launch of their new app.
The IG post
The IG post

In an Instagram post, Krieger described their new service as "a personalized news feed driven by the latest in artificial intelligence."

Krieger added they have been working with a talented team for more than a year already to launch the new app.

We're gradually letting people in as we scale up, Krieger said, also encouraging the public to sign up for the waitlist at artifact.news.

Compared to Instagram which is more on photos, Artifact is more on articles for its users.

It will recommend content based on interests and will allow discussion with friends, according to Platformer, which was the first to report the launch.

There will be a main feed that will display popular articles from large media organizations to smaller bloggers.

A user's feed will be more personalized based on what they click on.

No other details about the app are currently available.

The Instagram founders sold the app to Meta for USD 1 billion in 2012, two years after its launch.

Systrom and Krieger left Instagram 2018, amid reports saying that their departure was due to tensions with CEO Mark Zuckerberg over the app's direction and a desire to further incorporate it into Facebook.

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Source: Mike Kieger, Via: CNN

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