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HONOR X7a achieved 19 hours at PCMark's battery test

The HONOR X7a is coming soon in the Philippines and here we are going to show you its battery challenge test and what can you do with it.
HONOR X7a achieved 19 hours in our battery challenge!
Our PC Mark result

HONOR X7a battery challenge!

HONOR says this upcoming smartphone is categorized as a budget-friendly device and while the specs and price are not final yet, the brand claims this to have a really long battery life.

So we decided to put to the test the unit they sent us to. We used the PC Mark benchmark tool which simulates your usual day-to-day task such as video, streaming, chat, web browsing, and document creation.
Screenshots of the X7a smartphone
Screenshots of the X7a smartphone

After our test, we were able to achieve 19 hours and 1 minute with 19 percent battery left. The system translates that the remaining just lasts up to 5 hours more. So if you do the math that's like a day of use.

If it's on a full charge, the system says it has approximately 44 hours of usage on standby mode while there are over 60 hours for power saving mode.
Standby mode shot at 97 percent
Standby mode shot at 97 percent

Meanwhile, HONOR claims this device has a DXOMARK rating of 42 hours on both social media and audio calls, 29 hours for music, and 22 hours of online video streaming.

So, what are the benefits of that for users?

Having a big battery is essential, particularly for workers, travelers, or students who are always outside. You just need that whether for communication, entertainment if you're stuck in traffic, shooting videos or photos, or simply surfing the net.

Meanwhile, heavy users like mobile gamers who do not want to be constantly stuck on the wall because of charging can also take advantage of having that extra juice.

Anyway, those are just one of the many things you can do with a big battery.

What's even worth looking at is that HONOR teases us that this phone is going to be a budget device and it's coming soon on February 22.

What do you guys think?

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