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Meet Urbanears Alby - TWS with style!

The Urbanears Alby is a TWS headset that is easy on the eyes and comes in at an affordable price.
Meet Urbanears Alby - TWS with style!
The Urbanears Alby!

The Alby comes with an AirPod-like build. It has a short stem, a node semi-open hybrid head, and a charging case that fits in the smallest pockets.

Though it may look very similar to Apple AirPods, the price tag would beg to differ as the Alby is offered at an SRP of PHP 3,990 at Digital Walker.
User Guide, Replacement buds, charging case, Type-C USB cable, and the Alby headphones

Inside the box, you would be introduced to the Urbanears Alby, a bundle of User Guides, an Introductory Card, Warranty documentation, a Type-C charging cable, and 3 pairs of bud replacements.
A familiar design!

As mentioned, the Alby resembles the AirPods in terms of design. However, there is a slight difference in the head circumference and the stem applies a flattened oval aesthetic rather than a fully rounded one.

The plastic, hardware makes the device very light and can be left on your ear for long periods of time if the battery allows it. The buds fit very well and have an IPX4 splash resistance as well so this should lessen your worries come rainy seasons.

Lightweight while having splash resistance is a good combo!

The charging case shares the same exterior setup of having a textured matte paint job over a plastic shell. Don't get us wrong. The plastic built on it does not look and feel cheap. The charging case feels sturdy even though it is compact. It has rounded edges and the brand is set in a more clear and reflective finish.

The headset handles the general controls checklist which consists of media playback controls and call handling. The caveat here is that it doesn't handle volume control which is supposed to be expected with TWS within the price range. The touch controls also have their sweet spot and might require some getting used to.
Charging Case

The battery life is a tough spot for Alby. it can only hold up to 3 hours of playtime per charge. The charging case can compensate with an additional 12 hours worth.

Battery life could be better...

But, if you like having your earphones on you for longer periods of time, it might be a bit frustrating to stop and charge every 2.5 hours depending on usage. It is already USB-C enabled which is nice but the Alby does not support wireless charging.
USB-C port
USB-C port

In the sound department, the Alby performs really well. The bass and mids are balanced not on the amounts that I prefer. The overall sound would sometime seem foggy, but not at all bothersome. It might not be as boomy as other TWS but the balance this device provides is more than suitable for my taste.

The sound is good enough for me!

There is a mic installed on each bud and works pretty good. It doesn’t offer much in terms of the noise canceling department so be wary of taking calls with the TV on or in an environment that has a lot of ambient noise.

Urbanears Alby Specs

Driver: Dynamic
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Life: 15 hours total playtime. 3 hours per charge
Others: IPX4 water splash resistance, USB-C
Price: PHP 3,990

Quick thoughts

The overall build of this headset is premium and the style and coloring are superb. The sound quality is good enough but the battery life leaves little to be desired.

If you are looking for a TWS that is reliable with a good fit and would be useable within the duration of a commute in Manila then this would be a good choice for you.

Urbanears Alby is available in Digital Walker Outlets, Lazada, and Shoppee at PHP 3,990 only.

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