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Nothing OS 1.5 is out now, improves app loading speed by 50 percent!

As promised, the new phone maker rolls out its version of Android 13 called the Nothing OS 1.5 which comes with many improvements.
Nothing OS 1.5 is out now, improves app loading speed by 50 percent!
File photo: Nothing Phone (1) and the earbuds

Nothing OS 1.5 based on Android 13 is now available!

The startup company rolls out the update globally and we already received it on our own unit. One of the main highlights is its improvement in terms of loading speed by 50 percent alongside the increased background memory which reduces the waiting time for frequently used apps to load.
The new update!
The new update!

There's also a self-repair feature that keeps Phone (1) running like it's still new upon clearing the unused cache and expired system dumps.

Another enhancement worth noting is the new look for Media Control, they put the album artwork on full display with a wider set of music controls.

Anyway below is the list of the full update:

App improvements

New custom Nothing weather app.
More refined camera app interface.
Up to 50% increase in app loading speed.


New Glyph sound pack. More Glyph ringtones and notification sounds.
More “Material You”, meaning more color schemes available for matching third-party apps to wallpaper.
Lockscreen shortcut customizations. Create shortcuts for the camera, torch, device controls, and wallet.

Improved experience

Easily switch data usage when using dual SIM with the improved network Quick Settings panel.
New QR code scanner in Quick Settings and in the camera app.
Multi-language support that allows different languages for different apps.
Clipboard preview. Copied text appears on the clipboard in the bottom corner of the screen. So you can directly edit the text before pasting.
Foreground services. Close active background apps directly from the notification center to save battery. 

Visual enhancements

New look for Media Control. Puts album artwork on full display with a wider set of music controls.
Improved volume control. Easily adjust individual volume sliders without unlocking the screen (e.g. music vs alarm).
Less distracting notifications whilst in Game Mode. Now with Google Game Dashboard. Dashboard supports screenshots, screen recording, FPS display, and Do Not Disturb.
Live caption: detects speech on your device and automatically generates captions.
Smoother animations when transitioning the display between on and off.

Privacy upgrades

Photo picker. Choose which images you want to share with each app. 
Media permissions. Group the types of media you want to share e.g., photos and videos, music and audio, and files. 
Alerts when an app accesses your clipboard. Then cleared history after a period of time to prevent unwanted access.
Added Personal Safety app.

System performance

Increased background memory. Reducing the wait for frequently used apps to load.
The new self-repair feature keeps Phone (1) running like it’s new. By clearing unused cache and expired system dumps.
Increased system stability. 
General bug fixes.

What do you guys think? Did you receive the update too?

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