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YouTube "1080p Premium" with "enhanced bitrate" leaks!

On Reddit, user u/KZedUK shared that a new "1080p Premium" option has appeared on the streaming platform YouTube.
The stunning OLED screen!
File photo: YouTube on the realme 10 Pro+

A higher-quality 1080p will be available on YouTube soon?

Based on the screenshot, the new option has an "enhanced bitrate" versus the regular 1080p.

This suggests that this will be an advantage to YouTube Premium users as they will be able to enjoy higher quality 1080p videos compared with non-paying users.

The new move appears shortly after Susan Wojcicki's departure as the CEO of YouTube. But, it is yet to be confirmed if this is one of the new CEO's (Neil Mohan) policies.

There are no other details about this yet.
The screenshot
The screenshot

But, there are speculations that the new option will allow YouTube users who desire higher-quality videos to subscribe to its Premium service. Obviously, this will make the platform earn more cash.

This might also fill the gap between 1080p and 2K/4K quality videos for users who want to stream higher quality videos on the go without the need of consuming more data in the process.

What do you guys think?

Source: Reddit

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