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Meet Acefast Crystal T6 - A gamechanger for budget TWS earbuds

Just when we thought that the aesthetics of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds have plateaued in aesthetics and features, here comes Acefast (AceSound) Crystal T6 with its unique LED digital display and no-clasp case design.
Meet Acefast Crystal T6 TWS buds
Acefast Crystal T6 in Modern Grey colorway

Acefast, an electronic brand from Shenzhen, China, is elevating the TWS earbuds space with its own Crystal T6 model.

Meet Acefast Crystal T6 - A game-changer for budget TWS earbuds!

At first glance, it's noticeable how different it is from the standard wireless earbuds available in the market—it comes with a transparent case and earbuds are laid in front of the case vs being housed inside the case. The first thing that comes to mind is how easy it is to maintain the cleanliness of the charging case over time without nicking any magnetic part inside it.
What's in the box
What's in the box

The following items are included in the box: Charging case, earbuds, 4 pairs of eartips (one already installed to the earbuds), USB-C cable, manual, and a silicone protective case. Yes, no need to scour online for an accessory to protect the plastic charging case from scratches.

Before using the earbuds, one must remove the blue stickers on both earbuds to connect them to the case. Afterward, place them back in the case to see the LED digital display light up for the first time, indicative that the case and earbuds have paired already.

One can use the Acefast T6 right away since per the manual, the user can only charge the case once it's low in battery. To connect it to a mobile phone or laptop, remove the earbuds from the case, proceed to the Bluetooth settings of your phone, then tap the Acefast Crystal T6 in the selection.
Acefast Crystal T6 with silicone case
Acefast Crystal T6 with silicone case

The device looks like a Tamagotchi with a silicone case on. One can also accessorize it with a keychain or choose to hang it on a bag since the case comes with a dedicated hole for it. Some might not like the fact that the earbuds can only be taken out of the case by partially removing the silicone case.
LED digital display in Acefast T6
LED digital display in Acefast T6

Zooming in on its one-of-a-kind digital LED display, the user will see three different battery level displays—for the left earbud, right earbud, and charging case. One can now get a constant reminder once there's a need to charge the case already. The earbuds' battery indicator is in the form of bars (in increments of 25 percent) while the current battery level of the charging case is in percentage. Once the latter reaches 100 percent, the LED display will be on an 'ok' display.

Cool design!

The Acefast T6 can be quite a hassle to connect to another device with the previously connected phone also around since the Acefast T6 automatically connects to the previously connected phone.

You need to turn off the Bluetooth first, so it can connect to your other paired device. Some of our buds support multiple connections which avoid the above-mentioned issue.

4 hours per bud

Speaking of battery, the headset's working time is about 4 hours standalone while the charging case can charge the earbuds about 4 times, giving the user a total of 20 hours before needing to juice it up. The Acefast T6 is equipped with fast charging, with up to 90 minutes of audio experience when charged for about 10 minutes.
The Acefast T6 charging case and earbud up close
The Acefast T6 charging case and earbud up close

The earbuds fit perfectly whether in the charging case or worn. It's also comfortable when worn for a long period of time because of how lightweight the pair of earbuds are. It may be made with plastic but it did not feel cheap. Also, because it has an IPX4 waterproof rating, the Acefast T6 can take some splashes from sudden rain and can also be utilized during workout sessions.

The headset controls made me disoriented for a second because of the several touch controls. I'm used to tapping once to play or pause and tapping twice to play the next or previous song. In the case of Acefast T6, it comes with four operation modes: a single tap for volume, double tap for play, pause, answer, or end call, triple tap for the previous or next track, and hold to wake up the voice assistant.

I wish there was a way to customize this to cater to users who likely use TWS to listen to music on the go. (No need to tap three times just to skip a song!) To be fair, for its price, it already comes with volume control which other TWS counterparts of the same level don't have.

Crisp enough sound for music listening

When it comes to the audio, the Acefast T6 provides a crisp sound with just an ample amount of bass, thanks to its 6mm titanium audio drivers. Little to no latency was also observed when streaming movies or series. However, the experience was less immersive due to the lack of depth of the sound when streaming shows. When worn while playing Call of Duty, the footsteps of the enemies can be heard in the background, enabling me to get some kills in-game. 

The Acefast T6 does not come with active noise cancellation (ANC), however, it has environmental noise cancellation (ENC) enabling the device to trim the noise externally through its four microphones. The mic is on the average end, good enough to come off with a clear voice during calls.

Acefast Crystal T6 Specs

Driver: 6mm Dynamic
Microphones: 4x w/ ENC noise reduction
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 Bestechnic BES2300IU (AAC, SBC)
Battery: Up to 4 hours (per earbud), 500mAh or up to 20 hours (charging case)
Others: IPX4 water splash resistance, LED digital display, touch controls, Colors: Grey, Youth Green, Pink Lotus, Ice Blue, Sapphire Blue, USB-C
Price: PHP 2,990

Quick thoughts

The Acefast T6 might come off as gimmicky at first glance with its unusual charging case but it can serve as a good daily driver regardless if someone has an active or passive lifestyle.

It also deserves brownie points for accurately showcasing the battery level of its earbuds and charging case. However, while it looks nice to have four operation modes in the fine print, it would be nice to have the option to customize it for some who prefer fewer controls.

The Acefast Crystal T6 is available offline or online at Digital Walker, Lazada, and Shopee for PHP 2,990 only.

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Build/Design - 4
Comfort/Isolation - 4
Battery Life - 4
Features - 4
Sound - 4
Average - 4./5

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