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Bill seeks to establish agency for artificial intelligence


A lawmaker has filed a bill that seeks the establishment of an agency that will develop and boost artificial intelligence in the country.
AI Philippines?

AI agency for PH

Surigao del Norte Second District Rep. Robert Ace Barbers filed House Bill 7396, or the proposed Artificial Intelligence Development and Regulation Act of the Philippines.

The bill wants to establish the Artificial Intelligence Development Authority or AIDA "which will be responsible for the development and implementation of a national AI strategy."

The strategy will promote research and development in AI, support the growth of AI-related industries, and enhance the skills of the Filipino workforce in the field of AI, the bill read.

The AIDA will also be tasked with regulating the development and deployment of AI technologies in the Philippines, ensuring that these technologies are aligned with the principles of responsible AI development, it added.

Barbers said in the bill that the AIDA will be under the administrative supervision of the Office of the President.

The agency will be governed by a board of trustees chaired by the executive director of the Department of Science and Technology–Information and Communications Technology Office.

If passed into law, AIDA will oversee the development and deployment of AI technologies, ensure compliance with AI ethics principles and guidelines, and protect the rights and welfare of those affected by AI technologies.

According to the bill, AIDA will be also responsible for international cooperation and collaboration, including partnerships with other countries, international organizations, and the private sector.

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