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LEAK: HUAWEI P60 series to feature XMAGE 2.0 Imaging Technology!

HUAWEI's upcoming photography-centric smartphone P60 series is going to feature the XMAGE 2.0 Imaging tech.
HUAWEI P60 series to feature XMAGE 2.0 Imaging Technology!
The leak from Weibo

The HUAWEI P60 series will feature next-gen camera tech?

XMAGE is the brand's current imaging solution after the departure with Leica optics. It is built mainly upon four imaging systems—Optical system, Mechanical Structure, Imaging technology, and Image processing.

Based on the Weibo leaker Classmateguan, the HUAWEI P60 series will feature the 2nd generation of the said XMAGE. While information about it is still scarce now, many users can expect new photographic capabilities.

One of the key features that we've seen before on the first gen is the super-optical variable camera found in the Mate 50 Series. This means that the camera utilizes the XMAGE tech with a variable aperture that can do a ten-stop adjustable aperture at the physical level making it an innovative breakthrough in three optical systems. Moreover, the tech also brought new color improvements appropriate for a range of real-time photography scenes.

The tipster said the HUAWEI P60 series will also feature variable aperture hardware which should enhance image quality. He also said that the series comprises P60, P60 Pro, and P60 Ultra models with the latter two boasting top-tier hardware, particularly in the camera department.
The previous XMAGE
The previous XMAGE

Another rumored information is that the P60 Series could bring two-way messaging without a mobile network. This could be helpful for users who usually travel to places with weak or without mobile network coverage.

Again the said devices are going to be unveiled on March 23 and users can expect to see major enhancements overall.

What do you guys think?

Sources: Weibo, Via; GizmoChina

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