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A Samsung Galaxy phone allegedly "fixed" a blurred moon zoom shoot

Since the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung has implemented super-zoom solutions (AKA Space Zoom) on its flagship smartphone line each year.
From blurred to detailed

Another Samsung fake moon zoom shot controversy

These phones have the ability to take images with up to 100x zoom using its high-resolution primary shooter (either 108MP or 200MP) + an optical zoom camera/s. In its marketing materials, Samsung is even recently sharing impressive-looking moon shots from its newest high-end smartphone (Galaxy S23 Ultra).

While we've seen its phones take those shoots in person, it could have been fake or heavily manipulated.

On Reddit, a user named "ibreakphotos" claimed that "while many have tried to prove that Samsung makes the moon shots, I think nobody succeeded - until now."

To keep its lengthy post simple, the user simply downloaded a high-res photo of the moon from the internet and downsized it to 170 x 170 pixels. After that, the user applied gaussian blur to lessen the details of the shot.

Then, ibreakphotos zoomed in to its monitor and got a shot of the moon with way more details. This suggests that Samsung heavily manipulated the blurred moon photo on the monitor to make it look "better."

Because of this seemingly convincing experiment, he concluded that the moon pictures from Samsung are fake and its marketing is deceptive.

To recall, Samsung previously mentioned that its AI only enhances the details and lessens the blur by using multi-frame/multi-exposure enhancements. The South Korean firm also claims that there is no image overlaying or texture effects are applied when taking a photo as that would cause similar objects to share the same texture patterns if an object detection were to be confused by the Scene Optimizer.
Mate 40 Pro monitor moon zoom shot
Mate 40 Pro monitor moon zoom shot

At GIZGUIDE, we tried the same experiment on the old HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro with 50x zoom that can also take impressive moon shots, and it didn't enhance the moon picture on my monitor.

Anyway, to see the full explanation from Reddit, click our source link below and be the judge yourself.

Source: Reddit

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