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Instead of 4,500mAh, a Xiaomi 13 concept has 6,000mAh thanks to solid-state battery tech

Tech giant Xiaomi has recently introduced solid-state battery technology for smartphones on a Xiaomi 13 unit.
File photo: Xiaomi 13 unboxed with 67W power brick

Bigger battery capacities on smaller smartphone bodies in the future?

To recap, the original Xiaomi 13 with lithium-ion only has 4,500mAh of juice. But on this prototype device, the company was able to cram a 6,000mAh capacity.
The future of mobile phone batteries?
The future of mobile phone batteries?

How? According to Xiaomi, it improves energy density by a third compared with conventional lithium-ion. This simply means that it is denser which allowed it to squeeze a 6,000mAh capacity on a phone with 4,500mAh originally. This is equivalent to a 33 percent capacity uplift.

In particular, Xiaomi achieved 1,000 W/L energy density with some of its prototype batteries,

The company is also claiming that its solid-state battery is safer than lithium-ion and can provide 20 percent more power in the extreme cold even at negative 20 degrees Celcius.

The tech is not yet ready for mass production though and it will likely take years before Xiaomi makes it available on its consumer devices.

But once they are successful with this, it could allow slimmer and smaller phones to enjoy a higher capacity and make their battery life longer.

Via: NextPit

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