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OPPO displays new 6G whitepaper "To build the mobile world"

OPPO officially unveils its new 6G whitepaper found on their website with a theme of "Versalite 6G with Minimize Kernel: To Build the Mobile World".
OPPO displays new 6G Whitepaper "To build the mobile world"
The brand's 6G graphics

OPPO showcased its 6G whitepaper!

As the title says this revolves around a versatile 6G system with a minimized kernel. OPPO aims to provide a more actionable solution for the future technologies of communication systems.

The suggested technology "modularizes" 6G capabilities and smartly splices" distinct capability modules intelligently based on the individual needs of any given scenario.

This will result in 6G networks being more adaptive and efficient in the future when providing the fundamental communications infrastructure for the convergence of large numbers of devices and networks.

The phone maker said their vision for 5G and 6G tech is "to enable a truly mobile world". Moves toward this mobile future have already been taken with 5G, which has transformed communications technology's role from simple "connectivity" to the Internet of Things with a wide range of gadgets.

OPPO mentioned that based on this vision, deeper integration of AI technology into communications networks will be a crucial direction for the development of 6G technology. They said that networks will no longer be limited to transmitting data as they will also be capable of transmitting and deploying a wide set of AI models. 

Among these models, a huge number of AI agents will be developed to act as intermediaries to help people manage and control all manner of things. Because certain AI entities cannot exist in the physical world, this type of management can only exist in the virtual world. In these cases, digital twins represent physical objects that will be made in the digital world, enabling control of the physical world through these virtual proxies. OPPO continued that in this way, 6G will contribute to boosting the Internet of Things from a series of sync devices to a series of converged devices working as part of intelligent networks.
The proposed plan
The proposed plan

To achieve OPPO's vision, the brand proposed a new concept that will provide shared capabilities like native AI, spectrum sharing, security, and different 6G subsystems. The design includes a portfolio of technologies covering disciplines such as AI and 6G integration, security architecture, spectrum sharing, mobile broadband and D2D protocols, increased low latency and dependability, communication and sensor integration, zero-power technology, and more. In comparison to the 5G technique of "scalable parameter sets + network slices," this new solution allows 6G to be better tailored for vertical applications.

Within the said system, the minimized 6G kernel provides underlying capabilities shared by all subsystems within the network. The AI capabilities combined through 6G will aid the network to efficiently deploy the many functions of 6G subsystems to corresponding vertical applications.

By smartly realizing on-demand networking and resource allocation, the networks will be able to address the constantly changing connectivity needs of different apps. Alongside that, the new security structure will require the construction of a multi-party trust model and endogenous security with intelligent security to guard a huge coverage of service data. The flexible spectrum management and sharing will adapt the blockchain tech to make spectrum allocation and management simple and enhance spectrum utilization efficiency.

Separate optimizations will be created for four different capabilities to deal with various applications on the networks. That includes Clouding, Critical IoT, Ubiquitous IoT, and Sensing with one or more subsystems designed for each of the said capabilities. 

As of now, the brand claims that 6G technology is still in its early phases and that the industry as a whole is only beginning to investigate this new technology. OPPO began working on this in 2019 with research into new device form factors and service requirements.

They also said other research directions include integration of AI and Wireless communications, zero-power communication tech, user-centric designs, integration of communications and sensing non-terrestrial networks, and terahertz/ wireless optical communications.

At the recent MWC, OPPO showcased its prototype products for 6G communication. You may it on the OPPO MWC 2023 official website.

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