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MetaverseGo introduces Wen Lambo Campaign in PH, a chance to win various prices!

MetaverseGo is a web3 startup that is prominent in the blockchain industry and has launched the Wen Lambo Campaign.
MetaverseGo introduces Wen Lambo Campaign in PH, a chance to win various prices!
The Game Pass and Winning prize preview

Wen Lambo Campaign is now live in PH!

The said campaign gives users (customers) a fun and engaging gaming experience with an opportunity to win actual prizes, all while understanding the benefits and applications of web3 technology.
More preview of the app
More preview of the app

With the Wen Lambo Campaign, players can gain access to a vast number of games and game boosters when buying Game Passes. By playing those games, gamers can gain gold credits based on their performance and upon collecting 1 thousand gold, users can spin the wheel for a chance to win exciting prizes and even an NMAX scooter.

This program provides a plethora of options for both existing and new users, and participants can win fantastic prizes and referral bonuses simply by creating an account, playing games, accumulating Gold, and spinning the wheel.

We are excited to bring this unique and fun campaign to all MetaverseGo users. The Wen Lambo campaign is a great way for users to experience the benefits of web3 technology in a fun and engaging way, said Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of MetaverseGo, Mr. Ash Mandhyan.

MetaverseGo is committed to bringing the web2 community into the web3 space and creating a vibrant community of users. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly platform for users to discover games and easily access web3 features, such as NFTs so that users can play while simultaneously learning about the blockchain-enabled technology, added by Mandhyan.

With just a mobile number, interested players may effortlessly access web3 material thanks to MetaverseGo, a turnkey web3 solution. The Wen Lambo campaign is another noteworthy move from the firm, which has already formed agreements with leading companies in the sector including Globe Telecom and SM.
Ash Mandhyan, MetaverseGo Co-founder
Ash Mandhyan, MetaverseGo Co-founder

Wen Lambo Campaign is just part of a bigger project of MetaverseGo. Back in 2022, the firm was able to raise USD 4.2M or around PHP 231M if directed covertly which is going to be used to establish itself as a major player in web3 technology.


In addition to a gaming platform, wallet, MetaverseGo credits for earning, saving, and spending, as well as an NFT Launchpad and Marketplace for peer-to-peer transactions, its platform offers a quick and simple log-in process with just a mobile number.

We are thrilled with the success of the Wen Lambo campaign and are excited about what the future holds for MetaverseGo. We are committed to making web3 technology accessible and user-friendly for everyone, and we look forward to continuing to bring innovative solutions to the world of blockchain, said Mandhyan.

To stay updated, visit their official website business.metaversego.gg, follow the social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Again you may download the MetaverseGo app on the Google Play Store. While iOS users will have to wait for a while as the firm promised it's coming soon.

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