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Ragnarok Origin launches in Southeast Asia today | Yassi Pressman as PH Ambassador

Gravity Game Hub recently held a press event in the Philippines to celebrate the launch of Ragnarok Origin in Southeast Asia. As of today April 6, the game is now available for download.
Ragnarok Origin gameplay sample
Ragnarok Original gameplay

Ragnarok Origin is HERE!

During the event, the company highlighted what Filipino gamers should expect from the upcoming game, the 10 million pre-registration count (as of April 5 to unlock milestone rewards), and the official reveal of its new ambassador for the Philippine market, among others.
RO is back
RO is back

According to Gravity Game Hub, their team tried to make Ragnarok Origin as close as possible in terms of gameplay to the original Ragnarok Online. 

In his speech, Robin, the head of GV SEA, shared his aspiration for Ragnarok Origin to deliver an authentic RO experience. This will enable players to relive their cherished memories and fulfill RO fans' "first love" sentiment, which is the development team's topmost priority.

They also preserved the artwork, classes, and environment of the classic PC game. AFK leveling and challenging the MVPs are also available for Ragnarok Origin and they even improved its "bonding system" to help players discover "like-minded" partners, create a strong sense of community within the game, and promote personal growth.
Now available
Now available

ROO also has four major events with "innovative" gameplay and a new guild system, an improved pet and mouth system with hundreds of adorable pets and mounts to choose from to be your ally and a cross-server guild league.
ROO Major Leagues
ROO Major Leagues

The game also hosts four major Esports events called "Odin Cup," "Thor Cup," "Loki Cup," and "Valkyrie Cup," taking place in different cities.

For a fair competition, Ragnarok Origin has game modes that trigger the bidding system, and auction proceeds are shared among all guild members. Moreover, the game provides a special guarantee mechanism, as well as random card drops and refining systems to help adventurers grow. MVP bosses may also reward players with rare in-game items to make them stronger over time.
Yassi Pressman with hosts Een Mercado and Patricia Reyes
Yassi Pressman with hosts Een Mercado and Patricia Reyes

To help promote the game, Gravity Game Hub tapped Filipina actress, singer, and model Yassi Pressman. Yassi is also said to be a fan of RO.

Gaming has always been a passion of mine, and RO was my first love in mobile gaming. It holds many precious memories, and I can confidently say that I am a loyal fan. Collaborating with Ragnarok Origin has always excited me. During the TV commercial shooting, the nostalgic scenery of RO and the intricately designed character costumes were very impressive and gave me a feeling of first love.

Unlike the PC-only Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Origin is available on both PC and mobile. From April 6, you may download it on Apple App Store, Google Play, HUAWEI AppGallery, OPPO Market App, and the ROO website for PC.

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