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How to use GCash in Japan?


No need to worry about having no cash on hand while enjoying your time in Japan?
GCash logo and map of Japan
GCash logo and map of Japan

A worry-free trip to Japan?

Japan is a first-world country that has a lot to offer for travelers. Whatever you're looking for, the beautiful island likely has it.

To help you enjoy that much-deserved trip, GCash has something for its users.

The leading e-wallet in the Philippines is also available in over 2.5 million Alipay+ merchants across Asia, including Japan. This includes Bic Camera, Don Quijote, Isetan Mitsukoshi Group, Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores, Kura Sushi, and Matsuya Foods, as well as in the Narita International Airport itself.

GCash is the way to control your budget when you're outside the Philippines—enjoy real-time forex, zero service fees and get access to exclusive deals all inside the app! it said in a statement.

Follow these steps to use GCash:

How to use GCash abroad
How to use GCash abroad

1. Simply look for the Alipay+ sign
2. After logging into the GCash app, select the QR or PayQR button at the bottom of the screen.
3. Scan the merchant’s QR code, or tap “Pay Abroad with Alipay+” to have the merchant scan your generated QR.
4. Check the amount, and click Pay to see the receipt.

No more traveling with large sums of money—you get to travel light and get deals and discounts from different places, but with the same payment. Just find the Plus, and Pay with GCash! it said.

You can also claim your voucher for your Japan trip. Just follow these steps:

How to claim Japan GCash voucher
How to claim Japan GCash voucher

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