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LEAK: HUAWEI, ZTE, and BOE teams up to make flexible OLED with under-display selfie cam!

Three companies are working together to produce the next generation of foldable screens with under-display selfie cam.
HUAWEI, ZTE and BOE team up to make flexible OLED with under-display selfie cam!
The photo from Digital Chat Station

HUAWEI, ZTE, and BOE are making the next-gen foldable with an under-display selfie cam!

The news came from renowned leaker Digital Chat Station and it reported that the three Chinese firms have collaborated in making the innovative display tech.

Apparently, it is believed that the prototype could be the next Mate Fold smartphone and will compete with the Samsung Galaxy Fold4 which first had the tech. However, despite Samsung being the first in this area, it had drawbacks in terms of quality. And it looks like the HUAWEI, ZTE, and BOE found a solution for it.

Anyway, the said next-gen screen is called the Q8 OLED panel and is rumored to have fixed the issues in camera quality and it's thanks to ZTE's expertise in the area and BOE's knowledge in making panels.

After all, ZTE's Axon series led the way in developing the under-display camera technology a few years ago and has made major advancements in recent generations. Based on rumors, the new display would feature high-frequency 1,440Hz PWM dimming and have a resolution of 2480 x 1116 pixels.

In addition, the alleged upcoming Mate Fold looks to have a similar form factor as the Google Pixel Fold, including the minimal bezels to go with its tablet-like screen.

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