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Lenovos’s IT support service launches in PH


Multinational technology company Lenovo has made the market's "most comprehensive" IT support service available in the Philippines.
File photo: Lenovo Premier Support Plus

Lenovo rolls out Premier Support Plus

Citing a recent study that showed 91 percent of 12,000 employees globally believe they would be more productive if IT issues could be immediately resolved, Lenovo said its Premier Support Plus can support the requirements of companies.

Lenovo said that with its Premier Support Plus, companies would be "future-ready" given the right solutions deployed in their systems.

The service offers advanced artificial intelligence for smarter, preventive services, while still providing human support where it is needed most, for the seamless and direct IT support that employees are looking for.

According to Lenovo, nine out of ten employees believe AI can help them stay productive, while eight out of ten prefer a combination of AI and human interaction.

Employee IT support has clearly fallen behind as workplaces have evolved with the rise of hybrid work. With the increasing adoption of cloud services, digital intelligence, and the metaverse, organizations' IT environments will become even more complex, making effective IT support even more critical to employee experience and morale, said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager of Lenovo Philippines.

Aside from supporting the IT needs of companies, Lenovo is also known for the production of PC solutions.

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