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LG intros Energy Efficient "Multi V i" HVAC with advanced AI!

LG introduces its latest innovation for its HVAC technologies known as the Multi V which comes with significant upgrades.
LG intros Energy Efficient "Multi V i" HVAC with advanced AI!
The new HVAC tech

LG intros "Multi V i" HVAC tech with advanced AI! 

"Multi V i" as the brand calls it, is a modern Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) solution that incorporates LG's advanced AI engine. This tech is made for mid to high-rise structures like offices, schools, shopping malls, residential complexes, and hotels, the "Multi V i" features a remarkably efficient power draw and is rich in intelligent capabilities. Apart from saving energy, it can also produce a consistent comfortable indoor atmosphere, Moreover, the tech also ensures quieter outdoor space all year. LG mentioned that you can expect it to debut in critical global markets starting with Europe.
The brand's celebration event
The brand's celebration event

At the launch ceremony, LG Philippines commemorated a gathering to show their brand's appreciation to its HVAC dealers in the country. They invited 10 best-performing accounts across four product categories such as RAC, SCAC, Multi V, and Overall AC for the year 2022. As an extra advantage, they were the first to witness the brand new "Multi V i" in person.

Going back to the topic, the LG "Multi V i" is also engineered to make its operation and maintenance simple and less hassle. Its advanced AI engine utilizes AI smart Care, which leverages spatial and situational learning, regulating cooling or heating based on multiple factors such as the number of people in the room, humidity levels, and indoor and outside ambient temperatures.

This allows the product to save up to 24.7 percent on power. Meanwhile, AI Indoor Space Care helps to maintain a consistent temperature and reduce energy usage by automatically turning on and off indoor units in occupied areas. Another efficiency-focused function, AI Energy Management, allows users to establish energy consumption targets, which can assist to reduce the Multi V i's overall power usage.

When it comes to AI, the "Multi V i" is capable of auto-tuning and remote upgrades, which can aid in convenience and overall user experience. Faster and simpler setup and servicing are made possible by the Auto Tuning system, which automatically tunes the compressor and motor at first installation or when they need to be replaced.

While the Remote Upgrade System, LG's VRF solution can seamlessly upgrade the software version to the most recent without performing an actual visit on-site.

Thats not all, the new tech can perform AI Smart Diagnosis, which permits automatic system analysis and easy-to-read status reports to assist short response times and improved reliability.

Users may also specify a noise limit between 50 to 70dB to ensure sound produced outside the unit does not go beyond.

Apart from that, LG mentioned a newly designed biometric fan and improved air-flow path combined to lessen fan-motor power consumption. With full cooling ability in temperatures up to 43 degrees Celsius and full heating capacity in temperatures as low as negative 10 degrees Celsius, LG's remarkable new model can deliver comfortable indoor air in any season.

LG will continue to deliver complete air solutions leveraging its cutting-edge AI and industry-leading HVAC technologies. We’re beyond excited to eventually offer the Multi V i to the local market. We’re confident that the Multi V i’s outstanding AI engine will offer enhanced energy-savings, a more pleasant indoor environment, and exceptional convenience that’s perfect for the Philippines, says Sungjae Kim, LG PH Managing Director.

Again the company reiterated they continuously provide an optimized solution for every sector and climate with a vast range of advanced systems that can provide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning performance to buildings worldwide. And with the brand's expertise and knowledge, LG caters directly to the needs of businesses looking for digitalized and eco-conscious HVAC solutions.

For further information, you may visit the brand's website.

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