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LTO eyes launch of digital driver’s license

Amid printing issues, LTO said it now eyes launching a digital version of the driver’s license.
Source: LTO FB

No ID card, no paper, no problem?

LTO chief Jay Art Tugade said in a statement that the agency is planning an electronic version of the driver’s license.

He said this is part of LTO's implementation of President Bongbong Marcos’ digitalization directive across government agencies.

The advantage of the digital license is that motorists can present it to law enforcement officers during apprehension. It is equivalent to presenting the physical driver's license, Tugade said.

This will serve as an alternative to the physical card and will be accessed through the DICT’s eGov Super, LTO noted.

The public will be able to utilize the digital license for various transactions with the agency, including license and registration renewals as well as online payments, LTO added.

Tugade noted that the security features on the physical card will also be present in the digital card. This will be on top of the security features that the super app has, he said.

LTO earlier announced that driver's licenses will be printed on paper for now amid the supply problem with ID cards

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Source: LTO

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