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MSI 49-inch 32:9 QD-OLED 240Hz Concept monitor showcased!

At MSI's Computex 2023 booth in Taiwan, the PC manufacturer showcased its massive new 49-inch 32:9 QD-OLED concept monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate.
Computex 2023: MSI 49-inch 32:9 QD-OLED 240Hz Concept monitor showcased!
QD-OLED monitors from MSI's Computex 2023 booth

Is this the future of curved gaming monitors?

MSI returns to Computex with a bang with two new QD-OLED monitors.

The first is the MEG 342 QD-OLED gaming monitor. It features an impressive 1800R curved QD OLED screen with a 3440 x 1440 resolution, a 175Hz refresh rate, a 0.03ms GTG response time, and a Delta-E of <=2.

It also features a front lighting bar that is Glow Sync compatible where the user can synchronize the screen's RGB lighting to reflect what is happening on-screen which the company says will add a new layer of immersion.

The next monitor is the MSI 49-inch 32:9 QD OLED concept monitor. The brand promises an unparalleled visual experience with the true-to-life colors of Quantum Dot, the infinite contrast of OLED, and the expansive 32:9 aspect ratio. It is engineered to support up to 240Hz refresh rate which should eliminate motion blur.

Not much else is known about the two monitors. There is also no word on whether the concept monitor will eventually be a commercial product. There is no price yet as well.

Interested parties who want to experience the two new monitors can visit the MSI booth at Computex 2023.

What do you guys think?

Source: MSI

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