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EcoFlow GLACIER and WAVE 2 portable fridge, freezer and AC launched in PH: integrated ice maker and extended life battery, starts at PHP 38,420

EcoFlow GLACIER portable fridge and freezer with integrated ice maker and WAVE 2 portable air conditioner has arrived in the Philippine market.
EcoFlow Glacier and Wave 2 portable refrigerator and air conditioner launched: integrated ice maker and extended life battery
EcoFlow Glacier and Wave 2

Modern outdoor experience just got better?

The first of the two new outdoor convenience devices is the WAVE 2 compact and portable air conditioner. The company claims that it has the fastest cooling and heating because of its tailor-made compressor that enables it to drop to 10 degrees Celsius in 5 minutes in cooling mode or rise to 15 degrees Celsius in heating mode. It has a cooling area of less than 10 square meters.
EcoFlow Wave 2 in the flesh
EcoFlow Wave 2 in the Flesh

One other key feature is its silent operating where it is rated for 44dB when in sleeping mode and up to 56dB on normal mode.

A separately sold Add-on battery extends the run time of Wave 2 to 8 hours. It can then be fast-charged thru AC, Solar, Cars, or power stations. The company says it takes 2 hours to fast charge the battery to 100 percent.

It can be connected to an Air exhaust duct that directly plugs into compatible tents which allows cool or warm air in the tent while the Wave 2 remains outside of the tent.

The Wave 2 is IPX4 rated. The unit measures 518 x 297 x 336 mm and weighs 14.5 kg.

It connects to the user's smartphone with the EcoFlow app thru WiFi and Bluetooth.
EcoFlow Glacier with integrated Ice Maker
EcoFlow Glacier with integrated Ice Maker

Next up is the EcoFlow GLACIER which the brand claims to be the world's first 3-in-1 portable fridge, freezer, and ice maker. It initially looks like a more modern cooler but with a detachable stroller suitcase design.

Its 38L internal compartment can be set to both a freezer and refrigerator with the included divider. The user can also remove the divider and allow the full compartment to work either as a freezer or a refrigerator. Temperatures inside can drop to 0 degrees Celsius within 15 minutes when the compartment is empty.

The internal 120W compressor allows the Glacier to bring 18 solid ice cubes in 12 to 15 minutes.

Lastly, it can be connected via AC, Solar, Cars, or Power station to charge or extend the run time of the Glacier.

Its massive battery allows it to do its job for over 40 hours.

Price and availability

Wave 2 add-on "battery only" - PHP 27,899
EcoFlow Wave 2 - PHP 38,420
EcoFlow Wave 2 + battery bundle - PHP 63,759
EcoFlow Glacier Bundle - PHP 49,049

You can order these products at Altitude Digital's website. Meanwhile, Wave 2 is also available on the brand's Lazada page.

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