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GCash Insider shares consumer behaviors and insights to help partners increase sales and achieve scale!

GCash's second Insider event gives business partners exclusive access to how they can improve sales, become more efficient and scale up their business.
GCash Insider shares consumer behaviors and insights to help partners increase sales and achieve scale!
GCash bridges customers to their preferred platform and services

GCash Insider: Passion Forward event shares valuable insights!

During a fireside chat, industry leaders and partners such as AirAsia head of travel Rowena Rivera, Minesky Global (MGames) business development manager Franco Pantangco, and Gcash head of new businesses Winsley Bangit sat down to share their experiences with GCash Chief Marketing Officer Neil as the session moderator.
GCash's simple yet secure solutions for customers
GCash's simple yet secure solutions for customers

The event emphasized that businesses must seek better ways to connect with their customers by understanding consumer preferences and purchases that define the ever-changing trends. This is the same strategy that AirAsia's partnership with GCash which yielded an average of 5 percent in ad click rates which are noticeably above industry standard.

Pantangco shares that MGames reached both new and repeat users by maximizing GCash's in-app ad products ranging from targeted media channels, to direct broadcast campaigns, and blasts for a more targeted approach which creates a holistic experience for their customers and solidifies its growing fanbase with a 7x increase in GLife users.

These changes in consumer behaviour are the key factors in determining the proper solution to each marketing need, which is why GCash found the need to develop simpler yet more effective product suites, backed by data and insights, that can ensure businesses will hit their targets.
GCash transactions' massive growth!
GCash transactions' massive growth!

“When it comes to business, one thing is clear – if the customer sees your platform is so much easier, they will keep coming back. The key is to never underestimate Filipino consumers when it comes to their unique ability in adapting to industry trends and changes, especially in the new normal,” said Trinidad.

Bangit also shared his excitement towards a new product that utilizes artificial intelligence or AI capabilities, he said, "We're currently polishing right now an AI-powered assistance and usage regulating system, it's very new and what it does is, it is able to provide our customers and partners with machine learning capabilities or AI-learning capabilities which we are progressively working on the app relating to travel, leisure, entertainment, gaming, services, and insurance.

Other businesses also had a chance to learn from case studies from GCash's partner brands during the event to help them and allow them to target the right audience using relevant digital tools through advertising, trade, scoring, and sustainability solutions. The program also highlighted the security, and anti-fraud controls in place to ensure campaign quality and data-rich performance reports with deep user insights.

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