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Google to start deleting inactive accounts by December 2023

Google will begin removing accounts that have been inactive for at least two years by December of this year.
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Inactive accounts for deletion by yearned

In a reminder to Google users on Monday, July 24, the technology giant said it has updated its inactivity period to two years across all its products and services.

The company said the policy already started this week, which would cover "any Google Account that’s been inactive, meaning it has not been signed into or used within a two-year period."

Google said an inactive account and any content would be "eligible for deletion" starting December 1.

This move, Google said, aims to protect the information of its users.

And keeping you safe means having strong privacy practices across our products that minimize how long we store your personal files and any data associated with them. We want to protect your private information and prevent any unauthorized access to your account even if you’re no longer using our services, Google said.

Google said it would send reminders to the inactive accounts before taking any action.

Once the account is deleted, the Gmail address can no longer be used for a new Google account.

Active users will not be affected by the changes, it noted.

The simplest way to keep a Google Account active is to sign in to the account at least once every two years. If you have signed in to your Google Account recently in the past two years, your account is considered active and will not be deleted, Google said.

The following ways will also keep a Google account active:

Reading or sending an email
Using Google Drive
Watching a YouTube video
Sharing a photo
Downloading an app
Using Google Search
Using Sign in with Google to sign in to—a third-party app or service

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