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28K registered SIM found in POGO hub, possibly used to scam


Authorities confiscated 28,000 registered SIMs during a POGO raid and they suspect these were used to scam people.
28k registered SIM found in POGO hub, possibly used to scam
File photo: SIM card

SIM Registration law to be utilized

Citing the DOJ, ABS-CBN News said the SIM cards were found in a POGO facility allegedly engaged in online scams in Pasay City.

DOJ Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla said authorities are now looking at how the SIM Registration Act will apply.

Telcos will be also tapped to "sort out a mess of this nature, of this magnitude."

Among the violations of the law that authorities will consider are spoofing of a registered SIM and misrepresentation.

Spoofing has a penalty of 6 years in jail and/or a PHP 200,000 fine while providing false or fictitious information or using fictitious identities or fraudulent identification documents to register a SIM will lead to imprisonment ranging from 6 months to 2 years and/or a fine between PHP 100,00 to PHP 300,000.

Remulla said authorities will go after those behind this and could be the first ones to face case under the law.

During the raid, 650 POGO employees were apprehended, but only more than a hundred were subjected to inquest proceedings for supposedly engaging in love scam and cryptocurrency scam operations.

The employees included 20 were foreigners while the rest are Filipinos, Remulla said.

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