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HarmonyOS to arrive on PCs in 2024, for HUAWEI official says

A  former top official of HUAWEI has claimed that their famed Harmony OS is going to arrive in PCs too.
Harmony OS to arrive on PCs in 2024, for HUAWEI official says
Alleged HarmonyOS for PC

HarmonyOS for PC to arrive next year!

IT spotted the news via Weibo, China's popular social media platform where a former executive from HUAWEI named Wang Chenglu noted that the PC version of HarmonyOS is possible apart from the standalone HarmonyOS for mobile.

The story goes when a Weibo user asks if there will be HarmonyOS for PC which Chenglu answers with a simple "yes".

For those who do not know yet, Want Chenglu became a part of the Consumer BG Software Engineering Department President and AI and All-scenario Intelligence Business Unit Direct from HUAWEI. The man has been a critical researcher for creating HUAWEI's software like the HarmonyOS and EMUI.

Currently, Wang Chenglu is now part of Kaihong Digital, a firm responsible for doing extensive research on HarmonyOS with a primary focus on IoT operating systems.
The standalone HarmonyOS for mobile
The standalone HarmonyOS for mobile

It's not a surprise that we would hear this from them. After all, HUAWEI already announced a standalone Operating System for mobile that won't be using APK apps. So it makes sense to create one for PC that would highlight the brand's identity in the multi-collaboration of its PCs and Mobile products.

HUAWEI has to comment on this matter so you might as well take this with a grain of salt.

Source: ITHome

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