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HMD Global to create its own HMD smartphone brand apart from Nokia

The Finnish firm has been launching phones under the Nokia brand, however, they also intends to make a smartphone under its own HMD naming.
HMD Global to create its own HMD smartphone brand apart from Nokia
File photo: Nokia G22

HMD will make a smartphone under its own brand name!

The news directly came from the Chairman and CEO of HMD Global, Jean Francois Baril when he posted on his LinkedIn profile that both HMD and Nokia phones will co-exist, and customers can expect a collaboration from "exciting new partners".

Baril mentioned in a lengthy post that HMD Global "is the fastest growing 5G smartphone manufacturer year on year" and is a pioneer in environmental approach thanks to the repairable design on Nokia handsets in the last 12 months.
Sustainability focused phones
Sustainability focused phones

The CEO also noted that HMDI is now ready "to enter the market independently to create a new world for telecommunications focused on consumer needs".

Currently, the HMD brand claims to be "one of the biggest smartphone makers in Europe" and that they will soon begin producing "high quality, affordable mobile devices" for customers around the globe.

Unfortunately, there's no clear statement regarding the actual time of release but we may anticipate it in the public real soon.

Source: HMD

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